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Steelhead Season


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Made it just after a storm.. water had about 2 feet visability, nice deep green color.. steelies hungry after the rain..

Over 2 days I landed 11 adults (mostly wild), a couple 1/2 pounders, a few nice browns, a few little steelies that hadn't even been to the salt yet.. fantastic..

1st day - Drift boat, sunny - low about 34

2nd day: Wading - Started out at 20 degrees, quides were freezing solid. Stayed that way for about 2 hours.

In one 50 minute period, me and my friend hooked 8 steelies.

On both days they were very active, one over exhuberant fish cleared the water 9 times.

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40 minutes from my house...

She was 10....

I built her fly rod specifically for her small stature, and tied all the flies....

She did it all herself, cast, drift, set, and land (I netted and gave verbal guidance)....

I thought I was going to have a heart-attack after she set the hook, I knew it was big....

We released the brown alive and healthy for another day....


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Great thing about Steelhead.. It just about provides a yearround fishing season..

Jess.. do you fish at all?

Steelhead fishing requires a high tolerance for pain...

You need to start fly fishing for trout.. work your way up . lol

Start with a 12" before you go for a 12#.

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