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Modifing 002 Holsters


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I've made some changes to one I have. I'm shooting a 625 5" I change the strap arround to fit it, and used the hair drier to loosen it up. I figure you guys have some cool do it yourself ideas. It's raning here, I have dremel, alot of time, and a fresh bottle of Jack.



Buying an another brand of holster is not an option.

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For my tastes the only real weak spot with the 002 is the Muzzle End. If I left in the Muzzle Guard it would occassionaly hook the Classic Interchangable FS on Re-Holstering. Practicing in the house it even popped it out once, not a good thing for a clutz like me. So I took off that little strap completely.

That kind of let the muzzle get pushed out occasionaly. It was real bad when I switched to a 5" 625, the holster is a 4" version.

What I did was to take an old Ernie Hill Muzzle Plug and attach it to a tapered 1/4"x1" piece of Aluminum. Drilled a hole in the Aluminum so the Tension Screw would pass thru it and retain it.

It works great. Doesn't slow anything down and is as secure as my 1911 is in my old 007.

Might be able to take a Muzzle Cup for a CR Speed Rig and mount it directly to the holster also.

Either way if you can secure the Muzzle of the Revo a bit better in the 002 it will solve a lot of potential problems.

If you don't have Interchangable FS then leave the strap on and it's probably fine as is. Use the Jack to help with using the Dremel to carve on a piece of wood to use to build a tray to hold Moon Clips. But lock up the guns first.

Happy New Year

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You and I have shot together at Milan, so you have seen my holster.

What I did was to wrap my 625 with a shop rag for +/- adjustment, then heated the whole thing with a heat gun. Gave it a very shaped fit.

Second was to take the grip adjustment screw from my 012 holster, and put it in my 002. They are all the same size. This lets me tighten the holster when not shooting, and loosen when in the box.

I tried to get additional screws from Safariland, but apparently those things are the most valuable product they have. They won't even discuss giving me a replacement piece.

I am thinking of trying the PRAIRIE RIVER ARMS MAG POUCH CON-TROL KNOBS - Easy-to-turn, knurled-steel, dome-headed external knobs replace the factory tension screws on Safariland Model 771/071 Magazine Holders. If you look on the Brownells website they are all the way at the bottom of the page.


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