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I was wondering about the "glock" brass issue.

I don't really have an issue with glocked brass using just the normal Dillon size/deprime die. I probably have about 1 or 2/500 that won't won't pass case gauge when using fresh, once fired brass. This isn't an issue though as I only shoot brass that has been through the gun at least once for matches.

I tried the EGW undersize die but I ended up crushing too many cases because of the smaller opening and it just wasn't worth the trouble of having to clear it, and worry about a squib or double charge to boot.

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Not having competed in Limited before, does two more rounds make that big of a difference? I can't imagine that it does. Can't I buy the parts and create the extra space myself? Is it really that hard to make it them work on your own?

YMMV?? probably a dumb ? but it is new to me.

Merlin - having helped Aircooled with the holster, what is the biggest difference between Ghost and Gugas and what feature/function was most compelling in your decision.

i believe YMMV is "your mileage may vary"

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Get a case gauge, use lube when you reload or get rolled brass. It will work out and OBTW if you're getting a Brazos Custom gun from Bob, get the tuned mags from him too. You'll be glad you did...

Once you get some brass through that chamber and stop using Glock brass it will get easier. I get several loads from my once fired Glock brass after I lube size it and use it in my Schuemann barrels exclusively....Avoid the S&B brass (and others) that look like belted magnums after sizing...

I think Bob used Bar-Sto barrels which ought to be a good thing!!!



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