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2nd Annual South Texas Single Stack Match

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January 7th 2007 will be our 2nd Annual single stack match at the Pharr Gun Club. Sign up time 9:30 with Hammer down at 10:00am! Four stages 100 plus rounds! USPSA rules apply!

For more info email me at mself@rgv.rr.com.


Medals will be awarded 1st - 3rd in Master through Unclassifed

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will you be recognizing MODIFIED division????? Because the only single stack I own has holes in the barrel.

Commander, with ported barrel, damn carry guns!!!!!!!!!

I know I can whup Benny's butt :huh:;)


Caption,..............1st bird:I ain't scared!!!, 2nd bird: Ah, yer chicken!!!!!

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South Texas single stack winner results

HOA –Benny Hill (Also High Super Senior) BE member

1st Master- Carlos Guzman

2nd Master- Taylor Lathem

1st A Shane Habison (Last time I loan Shane my 45 SS!!!!! :angry::angry::angry:

2nd A Mark Self (marks_a18138) BE member :angry::angry::angry::angry:

1st B Martin Rios

2nd B Merlin Orr ( Also High Senior) BE member

3rd B Neo Canales

1st C Willy Flores

2nd C George Sanches

3rd C Nenette McHenery (also High Lady) BE member

1st D Joey DeLeon BE member

2nd D Malka Afram BE member

3rd D Leonardo Garcia

1st U Eric Davis BE member

2nd U Mark Afram

3rd U Brad Levell

High Junior: TJ Lathem

High Law: Marion Kupcinski

I also posted the scores up on USPSA local match results under GC09 which is our indoor club. 1-7-07

I would like to thank all the people that helped me with this match. It took a team effort to make things work smooth! I also like to thank the Squads 1,2 and 3 for pasting and helping with scoring and keeping it going quickly!

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