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Practiced Dry-firing.

Took son on boat ride from downtown Seattle, though Ballard Locks, and around Lake Union B)

Cleaned off workbench in anticipation of new 650 & Casefeeder arriving from Santa Brian later this week. THANKS !

Just poured a Yukon Jack and Hot Tea...yum...

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Dan, the next few days will c r e a p by in anticipation of your new 650. Congrats on the purchase!

Tell me about it! It's like my son who is 6 and I have something is common again, waiting for Santa, lol.. Between that and having TWO houses close on the 29th (I'm a RE Agent) time has STOPPED! I should win a prize or at least get a call from DARPA or something. What really sucks is I need to load up a couple hundred rounds for todays session on my Rock Chucker :( I SO thought I was done with that thing for a while.....grrr...

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650 should be here Wed. Whoo Hoo!

1. Shot 250 rnds practice tonight at Sams. Paper plates at various distances. Singles, Doubles, and transitions.

2. Rode my bike. Just a quick 30 minute spin just to shake the legs out. Tomorrow I'll ride 45 minutes. A big "Thanks" to EricW for motivating me to get back on the bike and ride.

Current weight: 235


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Riding has been going slow due to Holiday madness. The Glock has suddenly turned into a jam-o-matic. Shooting a practice match is good practice for jam clearing. I must remember to keep finger out of trigger when clearing jams. Here is the current formula.

Mixed Brass

WSP Primers

4.8 grns N330

180 MG CMJ

1.135 OAL

Lots of unburned powder in the chamber, failure to extract, short stroking. So I bought 2lbs of Titegroup and I'll go back to that for a while and see what happens. Plus Titegroup is half the cost of N330

236lbs Stoopid holidays <_<

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15 minutes of dry firing. 30minutes on the bike. Zone 1, easy pedaling. 238lbs :angry:

2007 Goals

Earn B Card in Production

Lose 23lbs

Ride 4000 miles on my bike

Prepare to climb Mt. Rainer

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Rode 1hr yesterday. New frame is awesome! Even my fat butt can climb now, lol..


15 minutes dry firing.

Today is 45 minutes riding and 30 minutes of dry firing. First outdoor match of the year is this Saturday. Hopefully, it won't snow.

Weight is 237lbs :angry:

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Hey, don't weigh in every day. It'll only frustrate you. Try every coupla weeks...

Keep it up, one step at a time!!

lol...Let's just say that the scale has lived a dangerous life lately. One of these days it just might gain 180 grns :D

I could just see it in some kind of Tony Soprano moment. I come in, all hung over. Step on the scale. "Awe F!@# this F!@#ing S!@#, BAM!

Actually, this is one of those cool body fat scales that cost a zillon dollars so the wife wouldn't be to happy...

I bought the carbon frame so I really had no reason to not ride at all anymore. The wife tells me that when I get down to 215 I can buy the carbon wheels I lust after. So pedal I shall. Thanks!

I took today off the bike after yesterdays near suicidal ride. I'll ride tomorrow instead. 650 started to throw a few primer sideways. I could feel them crunch but no boom. Once I verify that my new load runs ok, I'm going to quit doing 100-200 at a time and run a couple of thousand at one sitting and tweak it a bit.

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Shot last nights indoor match. On the first stage I got behind the curve and tried to speed up and it was like a big voice from above said "Slow down young man. See the front sight". Kinda cool..

New loads ran fine

3.7grn TG

WSP Primer

Mixed Brass

180grn MG

1.133 OAL

No ride yesterday. Today I'll do 45 minutes on the trainer.

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I broke down last week and joined back up at the gym. I needed to anyways. It gives me a good time to listen to Matt Burketts podcast.

I watched Matts video #7 the other day before our weekly practice match and it made a world of difference. WOW :D

1/2 hour today dryfiring using the dryfire drills at mattburkett.com

This concludes the ad for Matt Burkett :)

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