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Wspm Primers For Minor


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I just bought my second 2K of primers at my local Sportsman Whse. When I got home with them I noticed that I inadverntenly bought the Magnum small pistol primers, when before I bought the Std. small pistol, ( i know, i'm still learning, all i saw was small pistol on the box ).The magnums were all they had in stock, and their policy is "all sales final" on this type of product, so i'm stuck with them. My current load has been 4.3gr of Win. 231, with a Rainer 124 gr RN. I picked up a 1lb of Titegroup there as well, and 200 Speer 147gr TMJ for testing because everyone says the 147gr is the cats meow in 9mm. My guns are a G34 and G17.

Will I be ok with these magnum primers if I reduce by 10% and work back up over a chrono? I've not been able to find alot of info on the magnum primer, and i'd hate to not be able to use these, however in the future I will stick with the std. primers.

Thank you, Kevin.

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Kevin, I did the same thing a few years ago. Bought WSPM instead of WSP. In my

opinion it turned out to be a good thing.

I was loading minor 40 for a Glock 35, using VV N310, 180 gr bullets. Changing to magnum primers bumped my velocity by only about 10 fps. This subject has been

discussed here before, and some reported a jump of up to 50 fps with different

components. Chrono a few of your loads and adjust powder charge as needed.

I had no ignition problems with the slightly harder magnum primer in my Glocks.

Hardness-wise, the WSPM is in the middle between the WSP and WSR primers.

What the magnum primers did was make my ammunition more consistent. Instead

of an extreme velocity spread of 50-60 fps, it was 10-12 fps.

I now use WSPM primers for EVERYTHING. 9mm minor and major, 40 minor and major.

Keeps things simple. :)


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With small charges of medium to slow powders a Mag SP primer will provide more consistent ingition and close up the SD nicely for ya'

I ran them exclusively under my minor 9x19 loads for many years because it ran so clean with the Mag primers

That said, I would make sure the loads were reduced slightly to start and worked back up as is usual practice even though they are minor recipes to start with.

I also run them in my major .38 stupor loadings for the same reasons.

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