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Best Source For A Chrome-lined Barrel


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Where's the best source for chrome-lined barrels for an AR. I know Bushwhacker makes them, but who else does? Anyone have a source they're willing to reveal for low-mileage chrome-lined barrels.

Reader's Notes:

I don't shoot 3-Gun.

I don't care if my rifle shoots sub-1/4 MOA. 1 to 1.5 MOA is all I'm looking for here.

I don't care what David Tubb or any other "expert" thinks about a chrome-lined barrel's suitability for competition.

Nor do I care what *your* opinion is on whether a chrome-lined barrel is suitable for competition.

Just so we're clear, all I'm looking for is a source of quality, chrome-lined barrels with a standard .750 profile at the muzzle. If this thread turns into another religious holy-war, would a moderator be so kind as to lock it or nuke it altogether.


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I've worked with the folks at Del-Ton a lot. They're a local DPMS distributor and support the local FOP and shooting. GREAT people too. They have Wilson chrome lined barrels.


ETA: Model 1 Sales has chrome lined barrels too. When I get back, I'll be shootin' the hell out of my current shorty barrel just to replace it with one of their 16" SS 1:8 fluted barrels. Mostly 'cause I think it'll look cool.

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