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My 9mm Lda


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Hi Dave,

I need some questions answered on my preowned para p18 LDA

Im going to use this in ipsc production and not uspsa production(thus i can only change to ofm parts except for the sights) pls bear with me with the questions below

1. What recoil spring wt does the factory install in this 9mm pistol?

2. It currently has a novak sight on it and i would like to replace it with adjustables. do you have a rear adjustable sight that i can drop in the novak cut. can part no 541-016 do it?

you have the 024-022 for novak cut will this work?(pls also fix the picture on your site so i can view it)

3. I would like to order your fiber optic front sight. is part #0121-014 the right one for the cut it currently has?


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