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The Ft. Benning 3-gun Challenge


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It's not because of the GREAT stages!

It's not because of the DEDICATED Range Staff!

It's not because of the FRIENDLINESS of the 3-gun crowd.

It's not becuase of the AWESOME food.

It's not because of the BEST prize table I've seen in years (note attached pictures...in case you're wondering, that's "FT BENNING 3-GUN 2006" stamped on that AMU Custom Shop Titanium hi-cap Caspian frame. Oh, and that was for fourth place!!!!)

It's becuase of the men and women who serve and provide us the protection we take for granted every day.

I can't thank Aaron, Robby, Travis, Max, KC, Lee, Daniel, and the rest of the AMU enough for all of the work they do...for our country.

Thanks to all who served!

Phil Strader


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Phil I was there also and could not agree more. Thanks to those young men and women we are able to shoot and enjoy our lives. To bad this was not the sentiment in the late 60's and early 70's when I was in. These people deserve the respect and admiration of everyone living in the USA.

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