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.223 Remington Dies And Bullets


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Okay...I've been looking, getting ready to load for my AR, and I've noticed that just about everybody is out of 55 grain FMJs, but that many have 50-55 grain SPs for just a little more money. Having been brought up on 1911s, I need to ask if a box stock AR can be reasonably expected to reliably feed these soft point bullets. I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath on this one. :blink:

I see that just about everyone recommends Dillon dies (for use in my 450/550). Has anyone tried the RCBS X die in this caliber, and if so, how did it work out? Am I worrying too much about keeping brass the right length when it's so cheap? I figure if I have to go to the trouble of trimming it the first time, I want to hang onto it.


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Dillon use to sell 55gr FMJ bullets by ATK, the folks that own Federal/Speer/Alliant. They look identical to the ones in the AE ammo. They are listed now as "OUT". :angry:

As far as dies, I resize / deprime with the RCBS small base X-die. Works well for me. Get the stuck case remover while you're at it. Don't ask why, just do it.

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Get the stuck case remover while you're at it. Don't ask why, just do it.
Already got one. Something to do with making 7.5x55 SR brass from .284 Winchester... :P

Graf has their own bullet...out.

Almost everyone who has Winchester 55 grain FMJs...out.

There are some Remington 55 grain FMJs out there, but that's about it, aside from all the soft points.

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Softpoints are a loser in AR's for function reason IMHO. I got a thousand WW 55gr SP's off a prize table long ago and loaded them up for fun. They ran fine except for when they didn't. Shorter OAL's kept the lead tips from dragging on the front of the mag and nosediving. Longer OAL's kept the tips from engaging the locking lugs and getting snagged. But they always did something when you least expected it. Mostly I gave up on SP in AR's even though my old 1987 Vintage Colt HBAR did run them 100% at any OAL. 3 other rifles/uppers wouldn't digest them 100% reliably, out in the back with the beer cans is what I say to SP's in AR's.

I had been buying the Hornady 55gr FMMJBT at $60/1000, but they seem to be out of stock until early January.

Hornady 55gr FMJBT at Midway

If you can find these Hornady 55's anywhere, jump on them, they are just about the best cheap fmj I have ever found. I'm a lookin' now too as I am down to under 500 of them left.

The Dillon dies are the best choice to start and maybe to finish too. The Dillon taper crimp die is the ONLY way I would EVER apply any crimp to rifle cartridges. And even then, only for rough semi-auto useage.

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I agree with George. The Hornady 55 FMJ is one of the most accurate FMJ is that weight range I know. The other one is the 55 FMJ form Lapua, but that one is about as expensive as a match bullet....

On SP's in AR15's I have a different opinion though as they have never given me problems feeding-wise or accuracy-wise. Some of the SP offerings can even be very accurate.

Cheers from Holland,


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I've been running Hornady 55gr SP in my Colt AR for over 10 years and 10,000 rounds and have not had 1 malfunction. They are quite accurate to boot (MOA out of 16" barrel).

You can buy this 55gr SPs in bulk from Midway or Grafs. They seem to run about $10/1000 more than the FMJ options. I think the price has crept up to $70/1000 now.

On the X die, I'll have to let you know - I just bought one for .223 but have yet to use it.


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