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Thinking Of Building New Mor - Need Input


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I lucked into a new Rock 5R .30 cal m24 contour barrel. I have been trying to figure out how to turn it into a rifle I could use in MOR. I figure what I saved on the barrel might be put towards getting a better action. Funny how coming up with one component always turns into an excuse for another toy.

If I were to have the barrel chambered and installed on a Surgeon action, wouldn't it just be a matter of me dropping the barreled action into an AICS stock? Or would I have to have a smith build the entire thing?

I would think it would be close to the price of having a Remington action trued, blueprinted, and barreled.

Either setup is probably going into an AICS stock.

I don't currently have a Remington laying around that I could use, so I would have to pickup one that could be re-barreled.

Anyone have an ideas on whether or not this would work.

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If you're looking in the Surgeon range, call George at GA Precision and have him build it for you. He also has a proprietary action that costs less than a Surgeon. The AICS is a good choice, but try before you buy, I like a McMillan (A5) with the Badger bottom metal for AI mags better than the AICS.

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First have you shot using an AICS stock?

They are great shooting but just dont fit some people, depends on if you like holding a 2X4 or not? I do love mine, although a McMillon with Badger metal will be my next long range rifle.

George at GA has one of the best reps in the busness and can build first class any way you want to go, give him a call.

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The Surgeon action is a good choice if you have the money. George at GA also makes an action. The REM7000. The cost of any action plus all the work to have it trued and barreled will save you money, but you could also get the Surgeon. It is ready to go.

The last rifle I had GA Precision build I sent them a stock and action. They trued the action and installed a barrel. What I did was bought a REM700 from Academy and then sent the barreled action to GA. Around this time you can find REM700 pretty cheap. Check with your local Academy and find out if they have any on special.

The other choice you must make is between the AICS or the Mcmillian A5 with Badger DET Mag system. Both of these choices will cause you to wait. The Mcmillian A5 takes about 12 weeks to get, but you might also find a AICS at Tac-Pro. I think currently they have them in stock.

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I have handled an AICS stocked rifle before, but never shot a rifle with one. Seemed ok. Didn't strike me as uncomfortable, but that wasn't trying it out in a bunch of positions either. Have to think on that one.

I was leaning towards having KMW build it.

I figured the two long lead items are usually a barrel, and a stock. I was hoping an AICS could be found pretty easy in comparison to the McMillan, and I just got the barrel. I got a killer deal on the barrel so I thought I could dump the money saved into a better action.

I like the Surgeon because of the integral scope rail and the precision machining. I figure it would either be use the Surgeon or find a cheap Remington to use. I know a trued Remington can work great, but it seems like you end pretty close to having the same money tied up in one after you have it trued. Is this an accurate assumption?

How does the GAP action compare feature and price wise to the Surgeon and the Remmy?

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If you are thinking about having Terry Cross build teh gun, ask him what he thinks of the different actions. Then take his advice.

I know he shoots a Surgeon based on what I just read in a mag on the newstand tonight. I'll be talking to him when I go on vacation tomorrow.

I kinda figure I might as well spend the cash up front on the rifle. I am still waffling on the scope. I would love a USO, but it would be nice if I could get by on something cheaper like an IOR.

My only other question is this: If I am 2/3 - 3/4 of the way in price to an AI am I just better going with an AI? How does a KMW or GAP gun stack up for MOR or other long range comps and shooting? Which would be a better value? Not looking for a "tactical" or "SHTF" comparison. Just long range shooting and competition.

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If you want the most competitve long range gun for sniper/MOR type comps I'd sell the barrel you picked up (should be able to get your money back) and fork over the dough for a Tubb 2K, specifically the SpectacLR version. I'd get the DTAC reticle in whatever scope it is available in.

I'm fortunate enough to own an AI AW, GAP/Surgeon .260 Improved, Boatwright Custom tuned 700 with HS Precision detachable mags, D&L Sports MR-30, etc. I have multiple USO scopes, Schmidt and Bender scopes, a Nightforce, Leupolds, etc. Having tried all these different rigs, nothing is as nice as the Tubb (to me). That being said, each of these guns are easily 0.5 MOA guns and are capable of winning any competition they are entered in.

Michael Voigt was shooting a Tubb in .243 at this year's ITRC. When I talked to Matt Burkett about precision rifles, he clearly favored the AI over the Tubb, especially for weakhand shots, etc. He recently had his AI listed for sale, so I don't know what his current prefference is.

There is endless debate on scopes, but I love the DTAC reticle and like it better than Mil-dots and the Horus Vision reticle (and yes, I use all of the above).

Summimg up...best comp rifle...Tubb 2K.

Best rifle for your barrel....whatever Terry or George build for you, it will rock.

AI rifles are fantastic.

You really can't go wrong.

Everyone has opinions, mine are based on what works best for me. Good luck, come shoot the ITRC when you get your rifle!

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