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Sl900 Questions

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I've tried to read all the threads on the Dillon shotshell loader (here and elsewhere). I have gleaned the following:

It works best with 12ga and (someone here said) worst with 28ga shotshells and that one should leave it as close to the factory settings as possible.

I have been bitten by the skeet/5 stand/sporting clays bug and am about to buy a 28ga over and under shotgun.

I currently have a MEC in 12ga which works, BUT.... (If you have experience with a MEC you, too, know about dropped shot and powder) Ever try to pick up an ounce of #8 shot spilled all over your floor?

Does anyone have any actual experience with the Dillon loader (especially in 28ga), good or bad? Kind of an expensive investment especially if it doesn't work.

I noticed several glowing reviews on other sites, but the ones I read on this site seem to be from "regular folks," and thought I'd see if I could get any more info.


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:) Yes ...and Dude you realy missed out ...I just sold my SL 900 with an extra 28 gage conv. on ebay. It went for under $$ I wont say you would just end up with a bruse.

<_< but Yes I loaded 28 on it too, the change over was eazy to do. The lost round from a bad crimp was clost to 1 in 20 or 1 in15 = That realy is higher than in a 12 that is closer to 1 in 40

The only real problem is with the -Wads- you have to have good wads.

The over all SL 900 is great! I had not loaded on my press for about 2 years & all my wads were for the old one pice AA the new ones are two pice and need dif. wads.

The 12 gage is faster to load on than the 650 in pistole & that is fast. The Auto shell drop is almost will not keep up. The very cool thing is the shot drop = it holds 25 bl. and I had my load set to 7/8 to 15/16 oz I could shoot 200 rounds in one set with out a problem, due to the less recoil from the tuned load.

The press pushed me into Master in Sporting.

If you do not buy it from Brian we will all come to your house and .... Well lets just say when you get one you need to see the 'ENOS Man'

I loaded on a mec and it is not close even with the Hydo. the PW in Hydro is a very good press. but no convertions.

the Hornady is good but just for light 100 rounds at a time loading.

Hope this helps send me a pm if you like


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Although I am a huge Dillon fan, the SL900 is not in the same league as some of the better shotshell reloaders available in the same price range. You should definitely check out Ponsness-Warren reloaders. The shell is held in a full length resizing die throughout the loading process and you will not see a single round lost to the "bad crimp fairy".

Again not bashing big blue at all but PW definitely has the edge when it comes to shotshell reloading.

Here's a link http://www.reloaders.com/

Good luck, Craig

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