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Chono'd My Xd's Today


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Today I gave my 3 XD's a workout. I found out that my Tactical XD'd posted higher muzzle velocities over my Wilson, Brazos, and Para 1911's.

I loaded up some 230 LRN with 4.6 gr of Tightgroup at 1.260 and got the following.

985 fps from the xd, 783 fps from the wilson. The extreme spread was 33 and 34, the SD was 11 and 13. Power factor in xd was 189.9, and 180.2 in the wilson. The xd averaged 42.3 fps faster than the 1911, go figure.

Same conclusion with my .40 calibers. Tactical was 54 fps faster than my SC, and 41 fps faster than the Brazos SC Pro limited.

I was using Berry's plated 180 hp over 4.7 of Tightgroup with an OAL of 1.125. The velocities were 1011 in the Tactical, 957 for the SC, and 970 in the Brazos. ES was 24,53,46, SD was 8.1,17.5,12.9, and power factors were 182, 172, 174.7.

I had springer precision do my triggers, and install Dawson fixed sights with F/O front. I'm not happy with having fixed sight because my point of impact is low and I like to be right on. I will try them, but now I wish I'd gone with adjustable. If I had it to do over I'd put Bomar in my Tacticals, and Dawsons Adjustable on my SC since you can't use melted in Bomars in IDPA. So if anyone wants some Fixed rear dawsons for their tactical I might be able to help you out.

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