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I bought a lot of reloading components from a guy that retired. Primers, powder, some bullets and alotta brass for $100. Most of the WSP and the WSR are gone, all shot from the boyz limited guns.

In that lottastuff there were about 1300 Win Large Rifle Primers. Since my large primer shooting is out of my revo almost exclusively, I always use Federal. The Feds have been kind of scarce around this parts lately so I'm not using my stash for anything but my 625.

My Q: Are the WLRs to hard for handguns other than light action revos, for example 1911s?

I wanna play with my 1911s but don't want to use my Federal primers for that.

Gracias... muy agradecido...

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I used a bunch of WLRM primers someone gave me to load up light weight cast bullets in my .308 rifle so I could shoot the plate rack with them at 75 yds. 120 gr lead bullet @ 800fps is good fun and is great for the kids.

Neal in AZ

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