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Pssd Draw Time From Legal Holster @ 7 Yards


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I hit .89 on a goofy version of a Bill Drill my club likes to shoot. 6 shots into the 0 of an IDPA target retreating from arm's length. All hits in the 0 for a 1.96 sec time. I am not sure why they like that drill, I guess they feel like Tom in Collateral.

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OK, Dirtypool and I did some practice today:

We were at 10 yeards NOT 7, but here goes:


best draw, 1.07

Best reload, 1.31

Average draw was about 1.25

Ditrypool, BTW, he needs to be tested for steriods!!!!

Best Draw: 0.76

Best Reload: 1.07

DP was averaging .90 on the draw!!!

Like I said , he needs to be tested for performance enhancing drugs!!!!!

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I had a blast today Jay, you soooo got me motivated to get off my ass and get back practicing.

Jay also won't tell you (because it WAS a miss) that I had a fastest ever SSD reload for me today, a .97 I called just over the left shoulder. I wanted to break 1.00 legit, but there was a guy waiting (none too patiently) for the bay, and we were just horsing around after our practice session. I haven't dry fired or worked SSD gear seriously since I shot my SS in LIMITED almost six YEARS ago as a "B", so it's time for a new goal..... breaking the 1.0 for a SSD reload....with the hit.

It has been hard to take the time off, but it has made me hungry. I put up better numbers than I deserved to today, mostly from the pure joy of being back out at the range.

The other stat which doesn't count in this thread, was I tied a best ever load with my high cap gear, and actually set a new fastest with the 140 mags. I'm not known as a speedy guy, and I honestly have not touched a gun in practice since before the sectional (2 months?) but Jay had me scared, and fired up all at the same time. After some warm up and rough times, I went .72 draw, .76 reload. That load ties my all time best with "standard" gear when I WAS really working and dry firing, so hey...you never know, sun shines on a dog's ass once in a while. :rolleyes:

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Never tried all out with PSSD gear, but with a Limited gun out of Kydex I can go low to mid .80's fairly easily, best ever was mid .70's from just 4 or 5 yards. Fastest ever in a match was an .88 on a 3 or 4 yard target. Best reload I have ever known the time from was in a match and was a .95. You guys pulling high .60's and low .70's blow my mind, both on the draw AND the reload.........

That is just INSANE fast!!!!!!

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yeah, those times were Limited gear out of DOH kydex. I could not get a good grab on the SS mags using his gear. In Limited I set up so my mags are still in a "standard legal" position, so it's not much of a switch to SSD, but his gear was just really different than I am used to. Still, B) I'm not bitching about those times, those are good times for me when I am well practiced....

By the way, ZHunter is looking GOOOD!! HE had a one on one with Manny and while he was always too fast to be a "B", now he.....hits stuff!!! Watch for an "A" card soon and an "M" right behind it. Only because I have Voigt's email and I am not going to get beat for long by a friggin' "B-bagger" FLorida is full of them!!!

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Eric, I am a Solid "B"!!!!

About 67% I think!!!!

My card proves it!!!!

But, I am workin' like mad to get to were I wanna be, and it ain't a "B" card!!!

After the lesson with Manny on Monday, I have changed my shooting goals.

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