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Though they've been maligned occasionally in the past for customer service issues on this fine forum, I wanted to share a good story about C-More. At the Open Nationals, I took home a gift certificate for a new C-More scope - my existing scope seems to have more parallax than I'd like, and I've been questioning its consistency of late...

Anyhow, I sent the certificate in w/ a letter thanking them for their support of our sport, and the specs on what I'd like to get for the gift certificate. I sent it insured w/ delivery confirmation - after reading between the lines on this forum, I expected it to be a debacle to get the scope out of them (mainly, that it would take a long time...). 10 days later, what do I find on my front porch but a brand spankin' new scope, in the exact configuration I'd ordered...

Considering the only other recent experience I have with attempting to redeem a certificate from a match prize table, this was a very pleasant, very timely experience.

Thanks again, C-More, for your support of our sport!!!

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Here, here, I've always had pretty pleasant dealings with C-More. I got a cert at Open Nats too and re-deemed it for an aluminum body Slide Ride, it took a little longer to get than I wanted, but I suspect it may be because it's not really a regular stocked item (and UPS taking about 6 or 7 days to cough the thing up :wacko: ). I had several conversations with them back and forth and ended up forgetting to tell them what dot size I wanted and instead of just sticking something in there, they made a quick call to make sure I got what I wanted, even offering to exchange the module for a different size if I didn't like the one I got.

Thanks C-More!

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