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I Want To Play In 3 Gun

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Well, I have a STI .40 cal that I shoot in limited and in IDPA ESP, and I have a Benelli Nova pump 12ga. that I can use, but I need to know what rifle would be best. I am fairly certain I want a 5.56/.223 AR15 that I can use in both IDPA and USPSA 3 gun competitions. Right now I have a line on an AR described below, but need to know if it is a good place to start, or if I should look into something else. Also, what other gear will I need? Can I be competitive with a pump shotgun, or will I need a semi-auto? I know I can get an extension for the Nova and I can pump fast enough to kill clays and birds, will that suffice?

Have a AR 15 20" DPMS upper with four rail system flat top, has a Bushmaster lower with JP LowMass bolt and recoil system also JP trigger very nice, with this rifle have a 1337 Trijicon look a like scope and a EoTech552 , soft case and many 20/30 mags $1300.00

Is that a good deal? I know the seller and he is a great guy that takes care of his guns so I have the utmost confidence buying from him. I just don't own an AR or any other rifle so I need a little guidance. :unsure:

Thanks in advance!


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Since they said it's a fake Trijicon, makes me think it's a ARFCOM'er that doesn't know much about rifles, their worth or the parts that are ACTUALLY in it. Before I invested $1300 in someone's hack'ed rifle, I'd go with a new one from Benny Hill.

Too, I have no time for anything with Bushmaster on it.


FWIW, I just priced up my next rifle and the parts worked out to less than $1k. I plan on either building this one myself or sending Benny my kit o' parts and have him build it. I guarantee, less glass, it'll be less than $1300. Too, EOTech's can be had all day for around $300-400. SO now is the rifle worth $900-1000? Nope.

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My IDPA club does 3 gun matches, has for a while now. They allow for a single red dot, but no magnification.

If a DPMS upper and a bushy lower are undesireable, please tell me what is, like I said, I have NO IDEA what is the way to go , so I want everyone's oppinion.

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Dot but no magnification? So my Army issued ACOG is illegal? Apparently not tactical enough. Oh well.

That said, my disdain for Bushmaster is a personal thing. They don't support the shooting sports at all and for that reason I will never own one. I buy from those that support the shooters. That said, here's a list of some manufacturers to look at:

JP Enterprises


Cavalry Arms


Sabre Defence

I'm sure I left out a few, but Stag is nice too as they have been pro-active in shipping lowers into CA during our fight with the state. While the outlay for one of JP's spectacular rifles may be too much for you budget (understandably so) look at having a rifle built up from Benny Hill at Triangle Shooting Sports in Corpus Christi, TX. He will take care of you through the whole process, answer ANY questions that you could have and you will have one hell of a bad ass rifle when you're done.


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