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Best Ambi Safety For My Sv


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I have to get a new ambi safety for my SV limited gun. However, I don't know which one to get. I have seen some with "guards" which will prevent your thumb from riding on the slide. Those look nice. The SV's seem like they are a lot more money than the STI's ($85 vs $45) are they worth it?

Anyway, I am sure this has been discussed but I could not find a thread which really pins down a "this is the best".

Also, will a standard 1911 safety work? I happened to drop in a spare "one sided" safety from a les bear and it seemed to fit, although I did not leave it in the gun.

Confused as usual,


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Normal 1911 types will work fine.

I have SV, Brown, Wilson and CMC ambi's. The CMC is a good spare for the range bag, it works fine and doesn't cost a lot of money. The Wilson is good, as is the Brown. On the Wilson I have to knock the corner of the right side lever to keep my trigger finger off of the lever, it will make my finger sore if I don't. The Brown is pretty much good to go once fitted. The SV is REALLY nice, it is much heavier constructed IMO and should be more durable. I have also noticed that they fit up with a lot less dinking around than the others, they are very consistently made.

Given the fact that you buy a good set of ambi safeties very seldom I don't mind the extra cost of the SV unit, I think it is worth the money.

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And I like my narrow EB's, but neither type have the thumb guards.

I think most thumb safeties will go into any 1911/2011 pattern gun. Minor fitting is needed sometimes, as is often the case c/ any aftermarket part.

I think Swensons and Kings sells the thumbguard safety. There have been some posts here on quality issues for the former - don't know how often or how old that issue is.

ETA: Duane Thomas' thread has some more info:


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SV's safety is the only safety made that is not cast. They actually spent the effort to CNC them from billet like their slides, frames, extractors and other parts. I have a few sets and they are all works of art. They require no additional fitting beyond the single cut to fit them to the sear.


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I replaced the factory SV Optifit ambi(with little screw) with Ed Brown's "tactical" ambi. I find Brown's thin paddle fits my hands the best.

The original SV Opti-fit attachment method did not work out so they replaced the complicated "collet" style attachment with the more conventional (and more sturdy) slot and tang. This gave them the best of both worlds. SV also makes the thinner "carry style" ambi-safety too.

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