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Any M&p Dawson Sight Sets Being Planned?


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The Dawson M&P series sights are done guys - Dave should begin shipping his existing orders on Monday. We installed these on my gun today and shot it in - All I can say is that they are some of his best work. He and Wes did an outstanding job with these. The rears should come with either a .116 or .130 rear notch. Fiber optic fronts are also done and ready.

I'll try to post some pics tomorrow if possible.

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They are already out. I got my new Dawson catalog last week, and they are in there.

Fronts are available in .100 or .125 (listed at $39)

Rears appear to be only available in fixed sights with choice of "Target, Optic, or Tritium" and sizes of "Wide" or .115" (listed at $40, $50, and $70 respectively)

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DP M&P sights are available in Target, Optic or Tritium configurations (Target rear, Optic front shown).

Front sights available in .100" or .125" widths

Rear sights available in .115", .130 "wide" or the new "super wide" .140" rear notch.

The .100" front and wide rear combination gives an excellent fast shooting sight picture, with the front sight appearing about half the width of the rear notch (depending how long your arms are).

.160" tall DP front sights also available for factory fixed rear sights

Please call us toll-free for details 866-300-1911.

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adjustable rear sight is up on their website.

it says to use a .265 tall front sight which is also on the website.

Now heres my questions:

1) Utilizing the adjustable rear and the .265 tall front, with the rear set in the middle of the useable range of adjustment (vertical adjustment) will the POI be POA?

2) would it be possible to use a .180 tall front with the rear adjusted to accomodate the front or will you run out of adjustment?

i'd like an adjustable rear but i'm afraid the front will be too tall to fit my "ordered, but not here yet" holster.

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