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On 8/12/2020 at 12:58 PM, Sarge said:

This is why video evidence isn't allowed in USPSA. LOL

...and I still want a printed book copy of the rules. Some of us still use our flip phones and have tablets with no internet. 

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These are my creations.


Not the typical 2011....


First I made a Open gun out of my old SP-01 Shadow, later turned that into a Sight block SD gun.


After that i started converting my Shadow 2 to a Open major gun.









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@Ludde definitely cool looking.


Here is my latest open gun. Build by Dan at D2 Customes in PA. specs are: brazos slide, Cheely XWF heavy frame, KKM hybrid 5"OAL barrel, SV mega comp steel, LSI Outlaw grip, Geppert trigger, EGW trigger parts. It shoot very nice, very flat. 




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