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Conversion Cone

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Earlier a friend brought by a Nowlin 38 Super barrel with a two chamber comp installed. Put the assembly in the oven, we each opened a cold one, and let the heat break down the loctite.

Now for the surprise, instead of a one piece compensator, its two pieces with a compensator screwed onto a conversion cone and the cone screwed onto the barrel.

Since the compensator, with a little coaxing, came loose but the cone stayed put, is there a possibility that the conversion cone was silver soldered on? If so, any way to remove it or (my suggestion) should he just go with a new comp that will screw onto the conversion cone? Will he have trouble finding a comp maker that will match the cone's threads?

Also I noticed Brownells seems to no longer carry compensator alignment reamers. Anyone know where I can pick up one?


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It looks like it.

The gun this barrel and comp came off of was built about 10 years ago by a gunsmith in Oklahoma (not Nowlin) that used Nowlin parts. The current owner of the gun tried to locate the gunsmith to ask a few questions without luck.

If memory serves me, Nowlin made a conversion cone for a while too.

Does George (with EGW) recommend the conversion cone be silver soldered in place? Tomorrow I'll clean and measure the threads and see if its 11/16" x 40 threads.

If able to install any bull barrel compensator, this may be the way I go with future guns.

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Good morning Benny,

The male threads on the conversion cone cleaned up nicely. Since my friend has yet to order a new compensator, is there any downside to just leaving the cone in place and buying a compensator to fit it?

The more I think about it, the better I like the idea of a conversion cone versus fitting the entire comp to his gun.

Thank you.


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