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Master Blaster

Sean Gaines

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I recently orderd some Master blaster bullets and they were tamperd with by the post office, which is a whole different story. But to make a long story short, One of the postal people opened the box and dumped out about 3400 plus or minus bullets from my boxes. I spoke with Tom Stidham(owner of Master Blaster) and he told me he would make it right. In fact, now all his bullets will be shipped in .30cal ammo cans. In fact he made it a point to call me to make sure that I recieved all of my bullets, which they came in with no problems. I guess your packages will come in unopened, when you have postal inspectors watching thier every move.

the bullets were as advertised. the bullets smoke a little bit more than the Precision Deltas that I currently shoot, but not that much to make a difference. I can now reload .40 cal for the price that I load 9mm, which is pretty darn cheap. the bullets required less powder to make power factor and also felt soft as far as recoil. Master blaster is a good company who cares about thier customers, and I plan on spending alot more money with them in the future. they will take care of you.

thanks for listening


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