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Little Miss Sunshine


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Some friends, the wife and I went to see Little Miss Sunshine today. One of the best films overall that I've seen, ever. I've never seen or heard my wife laugh that hard - ever. The striptease at the end is priceless ;) .

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Me and Nidaa just saw it last night - we loved it.

The striptease at the end is priceless.


... Definitely our favorite full-on comedy scene. Favorite feel-good scene - well, I don't want to spoil it - but it was with the little girl and her brother. (That's enough to figure out the scene without giving it away beforehand.) Alan Arkin was hysterical - he's been one of my favorites since Freebie and the Bean.

It's playing in two theaters at our local "art" theatre. A friend went Saturday for the 4:00 PM show, but it was sold out... so he bought a ticket for the 7 PM show, went to Frank and Lupe's for dinner, then when he went back for the 7 PM show he barely got a decent seat (and he was by himself). So I did my first online movie ticket purchase, we got there 30 minutes before showtime and were lucky to get two decent seats together.

And a bonus round - the sound track was by Devotchka - who are playing in Tempe tonight, just down the street! Knowing the music made the movie more fun - I wonder if you didn't know the band beforehand, how much you'd even remember the soundtrack... But now if you read this... it doesn't count.


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