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9mm 1911 Load Data


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I'm wanting to start a little data base for my 9m 1911. I work up all loads I want to try so just because Joe Dirty says to use 7.5 of TG for minor doesn't mean I'm going to go out and do it :P

Anyway, I'm looking for powder, powder weight, bullet manufacture, bullet weight, fmj/jhp/etc, case manufacture, primer, velocity(if you have it), gun make/model/barrel length, factory or match barrel, group size, feel, and OAL. I know I'm asking a lot but I'm anal.....

Here is what I've been useing

Springfield Armory loaded 9mm factory barrel

121 hornady haps

4.3/4.4 tg

1.150 OAL

CCI 500 primers

Winchester brass

I'm still a noobie so it feels good to me and I can hold it under 4" at 25 yards free standing if I do my part.


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OK... you asked for it. These are cream puff loads, but still, use at your own risk!

All loads used mixed range brass, and Winchester small pistol primers. All powder weights are determined by averaging ten consecutive, uninterrupted powder throws from a Dillon powder measure. All loads were chrono'd using the same chronograph (a shooting chrony), but not on the same day.

Edit to add... I didn't note the crimp... but all loads were crimped using a Lee FCD, and just enough to completely remove the flare. The Berry's that I've pulled after loading exhibit just the slightest hint of a ring where the case mouth was crimped into the jacket.

load #1

147 gr Precision Delta JRN over 3.30 gr Titegroup. OAL = 1.150" Fired from a Springfield Armory 1911 9mm with stock barrel, temp = 80 degrees.

Avg=875 fps, ES=39.9 fps, SD=10.9 fps. PF=128.6

load #2

Same as load #1, but fired through Schuemann Classic AET barrel.

Avg=895, ES=44.4, SD=14.7 PF=131.6

Load #3

147 gr Berry's plated RN over 3.23 gr Titegroup, OAL 1.160" 80 degrees Schuemann AET barrel

avg=884, ES=46.2, SD=13.0 PF=130

Load #4

Same as load #3 but fired through Springfield barrel

AVG=857, ES=52, SD=13.9 PF=126

Load #5

Precision Delta 124gr JRN over 4.10 gr Titegroup. OAL = 1.163", temp = high 80's

Fired through Schuemann AET barrel

Avg=1085, ES=43, SD=11.9 PF=134.5

Load #6

Same as load #5 but fired through Springfield barrel

Avg=1077 ES=32.4 SD=11.1 PF=133.5


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Thanks, did you do a group size or feel of them while getting the data?

Sorry, no, I didn't keep accurate groups size data.

I do know, however, that through the Schuemann barrel, each load will shoot under 2" at 25 yards rested. From a ransom rest, or a better shooter, perhaps they will do better. The springfield barrel shoots slightly larger groups, in general, than the gun with the schuemann barrel does.

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