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New Management Of A Club League


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I was a member of an indoor league in the Dayton area primarily to shoot a Tuesday night league that was conducted by a masterful gentleman here on the forums, and made even more challenging with a prop-master that also can be found on BE. The shooter turnout was tremendous...so much so that GM's like Steve Moneypenny and Jake DiVita came to join us. Everything was going great! People looked forward to Tuesdays for the challenge, fellowship, and trigger time!


The owner banned all reloads. This became problematic as many shooters are also heavily competitive in USPSA, and make their own ammo. Furthermore, anyone shooting Open was now forced to BUY .38 Super ammo (and even at that, it's a gamble with finding a compatible OAL). We lost alot of great shooters, but many still remained, as the two frontrunners of the league, while disagreeing with the changes, stayed to continue the league.


All ammo had to be clean fire if you were to participate in the league. No more WWB, or Blazer Aluminum non CF allowed. It was no surprise to see the new stockpiles of overpriced CF ammo pouring into the club shelves.

The league is now in its death rattles. All of the challenging and exiting competitors have moved on to other, farther away clubs. Even the two chaps that built the league from the ground up have had their fill on nonsense and have moved on. Just for the heck of it, I went in this last Tuesday to see the empty shell of what the league once was. Words like basic, simple, IDPA rules, and ingraining bad habits come to mind, and I will never go back.

Have any of you ever been disenchanted by drastic changes for the worst by a club?

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