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Counterfeit Sti's?

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I ran across this thread while on 1911.org and was quite perplexed with the post. More so with the pictures. The poster stated that in the Philippines there are a couple of companies could be making these STI's, Twin Pines and Trueweight. Check out the guy's pictures and the bad tooling marks. I was debating on posting this but if it is true, it looks like it could be a serious problem in the near future.

Here's the link, because there are way too many pictures for me to copy and post.


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I think there are numerous legal issues with bringing counterfeit (patented) items into the US, that is without even discussing that there is a serial numbered receiver involved. This could be a big problem for someone in possession of such an item. None of these parts are expensive enough to justify the potential liability.

A while back I saw a clear plastic grip for an SV/STI style gun that was being produced in Europe. I asked around and learned that it could be a problem bringing one into the US if detected.


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