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Dpms Tri Gun Challenge......report Time

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Just got home from the first day of the match......pretty much pooched Stage 6 (battlefield) which consisted of 14 paper rifle targets, 6 rifle plates....5 pistol paper and snot pot full of pistol steel at the end of it all......simple course, but challenging. Daniel horner smoked it in 46 seconds and some change I believe. Stage 7 (atv trouble) was also a rifle/pistol stage (that I also sucked %$# on as well) 17 rifle paper and 15 pistol paper. Ya know.....maybe I should pick up a pistol a little more often than once every 6 months. The neat thing about stage 7 was it was run between 2 bays with a little bit of running involved. Stage 1 was a shotgun stage, and I am sure you will hear alot about it......bottom line is.....it was a fun stage and the shooters definatley provided the challange. There was a bunch of ways to shoot it. even though you were standing in one spot the entire time. It was my best stage of the match so far and I believe I will be about 80% of the winner for that stage, so I am happy. I have 2 more shotgun stages to shoot tomorrow and then more rifle after that. IF my pistol and rifle rocked like my shotgun, I'd be really happy.....again....think maybe I should practice or is it over rated???

So far I am having a blast!!......Randy and the guys from DPMS did a great job settig this up and Bob Mills and his RO staff are great as well. Everyone has been up beat and the atmosphere has been great.

I'm sure more will chime in as the time permits......but so far......hats off to DPMS for a great match.

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I don't remember all of the class winners.

Heavy Metal - Pat Kelly

Tactical Iron - Ted Puente

It was a great match. The stages had a little of everything, I thought. One of the stages did have a "potential 180 trap" but the RO's gave a lot of warnings ahead of time. It was only a trap if you let yourself lose control. The talked about stage from last year had plenty of warnings from the RO's also. I'm a begining shooter and felt last years stage was a good one also.

I felt the RO's went way out of the way to make sure all of the shooters had a good time. I watched the RO's on several stages pick up dropped mags for shooters in case they needed the extra ammo. at the end of the stage.

Didn't hear any whining or griping. Didn't see any DQ's and no "banning" was necessary.

I think everyone had a good time, got to shoot some great stages, and win some nice prizes. My hat is off to Randy Luth and all of the DPMS crew.

Can't wait for next year.

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Let me rephrase. The RO's were warned that my 17 yr. old son was shooting his first big 3-gun match. The young man can sprint very fast. Due to the vigorous movement, a handgun magazine had taken flight prior to even reaching the handgun portion of the stage (handgun and another magazine pre-staged down range). One of the RO's picked the mag up and had it ready in case of need.

I thought the RO's did a great job of assisting new shooters in any way possible. This was just one of many examples that came to mind. I will make sure my son has better magazine holders at future matches. :D

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Here is the link to the 2006 finals.


No recent results are showing on my browser...AOL. Anyone?? :huh:

Is the link not working for you or whay Merlin? Try going to the dpms site www.dpmsinc.com and click on events and the results are right there. Hope this helps?

WAY TOO Weird for me. THis is what shows up on both AOL and Internet Explorer WTF?


ATTENTION: The 2006 Tri-Gun Challenge will be held August 18-20, 2006!

Match Hotel Information and other area hotels.

Download the Directions to DPMS/Del-Tone Luth Gun Club!

Know the Rules to the 2006 Tri-Gun Challenge. (Revised 7-31-06)

Download the Final Results for the 3nd Annual Tri-Gun Challenge!

2005 Tri-Gun Challenge Open.

2005 Tri-Gun Challenge Tactical Optics.

2005 Tri-Gun Challenge Tactical Iron.

2005 Tri-Gun Challenge Heavy Metal.

2005 Tri-Gun Challenge Overall Combined.

2005 Tri-Gun Challenge Team Event.


DPMS is On the Road to…

Remembering Shot Show 2006 • Download photos of DPMS at the 2006 Shot Show

If you are unable to view the movie, please visit www.apple.com/quicktime/download to download a free QuickTime Player.

Remembering 2006 NRA Convention • Download photos of DPMS at the 2006 NRA Convention

Camp Perry • Camp Perry, OH • July 22 - August 13, 2006

Minnesota Weapons Collectors • St. Paul, MN • August 12-13, 2006

Tri-Gun Challenge • St. Cloud, MN • August 18-20, 2006

Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoors Festival • Oshkosh, WI • August 25-27, 2006

Minnesota Weapons Collectors • St. Paul, MN • September 30-October 1, 2006

Minnesota Weapons Collectors • St. Paul, MN • December 9-10, 2006

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Great match, with none of the problems that arose last year. I heard no complaints from anyone (other than the typical "I wish I'd shot that stage better" stuff). The staff at DPMS are the best and the RO's all did an outstanding job.

Class Winners:

Open: Tony Holmes

Tactical Optics: Dave Neth

Tactical Iron: Ted Puentes

Heavy Metal: Pat Kelly

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The Tri-Gun Challenge was great. The staff at DPMS went over the top again this year setting it up. The RO's were nice, helpful and kind. The RM did an excellent job as well. Overall a very good match. I believe there was only one DQ, due to a round being put over the berm....pretty cut and dry when that happens. I pretty much pooched the entire match, but had a good time anyways.

Found out this old man can still run (there was a stage where you had to sprint about 75yds). I rather liked that!

The COF's were simple (not not easy!!!)........the shooter provided the challenge and I rather liked that as well. No one on our squad complained at all.....and over all it seemed like everyone was having a good time (out side of maybe the way they were shooting).

I will be going back next year for sure.


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Wow... the match is over! What an experience. I was the CRO on the "Fishing with Bullets" stage (AKA: the stage with the long run down range to an ice house and pontoon boat)

Why I wont bore you with details (ok maybe a little bit) about the pain my legs are in, I would just like to thank all of the shooters who made working this match so fun. My fellow RO's and the staff at DPMS were the absolute best!

Although I wont miss hamburgers/hot dogs and beans for lunch everyday, I will have fond memories of the 6 days at DPMS... and getting a 9mm off of the prize table doesnt hurt either ;)

Great way to bring summer to a close.

Best wishes to all of you


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What a great match this year! No attitudes and no hard feelings anywhere and the RM, RO's and the whole DPMS/del-tone staff were great. thanks to all that worked hard to make this match happen. Cant wait till ext year....

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:) Yup! It was a great match. Last year was my first, and this year was even better! There was a relaxed attitude without the fear of a DQ from a guy who seemed to have a quota....

The range staff was the best! Things moved like the RO's had been choreographing the stages for weeks. Bob Mills did a great job as Match Director. Stage #1 had some issues with shooters not engaging the flyers (I was one) because there was more risk than reward.... but that is going to happen at any shoot. Gaming (strategy) is a part of solving every shooting scenario.

I'm 58, but I really enjoyed the amount of movement that was required.

I shot with a great group of guys and really learned a lot from being with them. Ted Puentes has to be the most under-rated 3-gun competitior out there! He is a very approachable guy. My son got to shoot the match for the first time, and that really made it special for me.

Thanks DPMS....

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The match was just a hoot to shoot. R.O.s and other range staff are to be commended for their hard work and professionalisim. I met my primary goals in that:

1. I had fun

2. Shot well, could have done much better without a couple of FTNs

3. Did not get DQed

4. Went to the prize table

The prize table was outstanding, the staff excellent and the other shooters on my squad a good group of guys who worked together to reset each stage. A very enjoyable match.

If I am above ground I will be there next year.

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What a first class match!! Rod and I are really glad we went...THANK YOU TO ALL THE DPMS PEOPLE!!

Stages were fun and challenging, RO's were awesome, weather was great, Match was an unqualified SUCCESS!!!

Thank you to all involved

Cheryl :)

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I was the CRO on the "Fishing with Bullets" stage (AKA: the stage with the long run down range to an ice house and pontoon boat)



I can imagine how your legs felt after 3 days on that stage. You all did an outstanding job and I just want to, once again, thank you and all the other RO's and staff for an outstanding match.

I ended up with a real good run (no pun intended) on your stage so I guess even old, fat, cops can move pretty good when they want to....LOL. :wacko:

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This year's match should put to rest the problems of old. The match staff and crew did an outstanding job of providing a friendly and professional competition environment. The stages were good overall and provided a balanced shooting challenge. Will the match be even better next year? You bet as each shooters packet contained a critique form that (if filled out and returned) will be used to improve the match yet again.


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