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My First 15 Shots In 18 Years.


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Rip van winkle here. Stopped shooting USPSA and 'action' matches 18 years ago [at 31] to return to racing motocros racing [but that's another story!] At the end of my "career" I was shooting "B" scores at USPSA matches though never classified.

Bought an open .38 stupor with a c-more, "holster" [hahaha] and mag pouches from the classifieds a week ago.

Today I clamped that holster [holster! hahaha] on a wide western dress belt and backed up 40' and did some one shot draws.

1. After 70,000+ rounds with my old Chapman 007 years ago, that holster is NOT where I think it should be! :blink:

2. Picking up the dot in a c-more fast is going to take some practice. A lot.

3. Shooting for A's I was slooooow. Bout 1.5 seconds I'd guess but I don't have a timer.

4. The gun shoots high for me as sighted.

5. I am not unhappy. 946.gif


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Nicely done, Sir!

Feels good, doesn't it?

Well....yes and no. I was happy with my shooting but it's a little depressing to know how far I have to go to get back up to speed. No pun intended. I'm not sure I'll ever be as fast/good as I use to be.

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