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Rifled Screw In Choke - All Purpose?


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First of all – I do realize that the “Choke Topic” on this and other forums is “wore out”…but I believe after searching this and other sites that this is a unique question.

I also want to say that I am not experienced with a shotgun – I am new to three gun – and have only done it once – with a borrowed shotgun. I liked the sport and building my 1100 now!

This is my question…Could a screwed in Rifled Choke System be used effectively in all Three Gun shotgun scenarios?

Some background and thoughts

I decided to go with a 21 “deer barrel” with iron sights (it has remchoke).

I do not want to “have to” change chokes between events.

The three gun event that I attended required slug shots out to at least 55 – 70 yards. Lots of misses by experienced “Three Gunners” – they were blaming their chokes.

These are my observations and thoughts:

1. A rifled choke is the best choke to have for longer range targets where slugs are required.

2. The majority of the other targets in the events stages requiring shotgun were “close in targets” within 15-25 yards (most people using light bird shot). So if the targets are that close is a rifled choke going to mess up the performance of the bird shots pattern? I guess this is really my main question.

3. Will bird shot fired through a rifled choke deform the birdshot to the point that it will fly erratically? Will wad protect the shot from the rifling?

4. How does rifling affect a sabot slug (not that I plan to use them – just thought I would throw that in the mix)?

Has anyone ever tried the rifled slug choke as an all purpose choke? What are your experiences?

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Welcome to the forum. If you do a search for Diffusion choke, you will get a few topics. Briley makes a choke tube that has real shallow rifling which is up for debate exactly what it does to birdshot. I used the choke to shoot alot of clay games and it worked great. I don't think it would be a bad choice for 3-gun, except on longer range steel (+20 yards) It is .005 constriction but the trick is that it slows the wad down which increases the size of the spread. I have shot clay birds at 40 yards + with it and it has worked well for me. I have ordered one for my new Benelli, but the gun is still being built.


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