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Tripp Mags Cracking

mike cyrwus

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I seem to recall an issue some have had with tripp cobramags cracking at the back of the mouth.

All three of mine are cracking on the right side. Two others I bought another time are fine.

I did a search, can anyone fill me in if this a common or rare occurance?

these are the 10 rounders.

thank you.

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Hi Mike.

I've got 10 Tripp Mags. I've got 5 for my STI Trojan (which requires a slightly different version) and 5 more for my regular SS 45. All of them are 8 rounders.

I've had the ones I have now for quite a while, and they're holding up very well. However, I did have three others that cracked. This was about two years ago, and they cracked on the back at the corners of the cutout for the slide disconnector rail. I've got a pretty good idea why this happens, but I won't go into that here. Even with the crack, they still functioned perfectly.

The ones that cracked were all from the same batch, as I got them all at the same time. And they all cracked at about the same time, as well. I called Mr. Tripp, and he replaced them all without question. I've had no problems since, and I used the heck out of them. Based on my experience, it seems that if they're going to crack, they do it relatively soon, and if they don't then they seem to run indefinitely.

I've seen the exact same crack in some Novak mags that appeared to be direct copies of the tripp mags.

In spite of this, I still like and use the mags, and would buy them again. While I've had good luck with CMC Powermags and Wilson 47D's, I still prefer the cobramag for it's reliability and basic design.

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I've got a pretty good idea why this happens, but I won't go into that here.

Hi, thanks for your input.

Id be interested as to what you think is the cause; is it from unpolished rough edges giving rise to a stress crack, or is it my ham fisted mag reloads? :mellow:

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