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Followers & Springs

eric nielsen

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Need some help identifying these followers. Near as I can tell, left to right:

1. STI wedge follower, STI spring

2. Dawson +1 follower, ?? spring

3. Arredondo follower, Arredondo spring

4. Grams follower, Grams spring

These are all for 38 super. As you can see some of the springs are getting out of shape. #3 replaces the worst of my mag springs which luckily punked out on a Friday fun shoot instead of sanctioned match. Also, the spring from #3 won't go onto the other followers, the front turn is too wide on the top coil.

Planning on getting new ISMI springs unless you have better suggestions. Also would love to know how to tune the Grams spring&follower to lock back the slide but only on the last round, not the 2nd-to-last. I have 2 of the Grams sets & might get more.




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Looks like you have it right to me.

Info on tuning for lock back: Tune for lock back

In addition to what the article says you can also take some material off the bottom of the slide stop pad where it engages the follower.

Bob's tips are spot on. I would suggest picking one follower style (I use Grams) and then modifying your slide stop by adding a small detent and reducing the thickness of the follower contact tab. Its a cut and try operation, but works better than trying to adjust follower angles and getting the detent "just right". It is the only 100% fix, IMO. Also make sure your spings all have the correct angle by measuring their height in the tube, set them all up identically.

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