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Raining On The Parade

Zeke Menuar

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The following is a quote from a post I made in the "What I Like" Section.

It is safe to say I am pissed at such comments, and the thoughtless snobs that make them.

I left out the person's name.

If she really liked you she would get you a Dillon. She may have just got you the Lee to keep you in the basement loading ammo longer adnout of her way? The dillon you'd be done faster and then under foot!

It looks like a lame attempt at humor. But I am pissed that anyone would turn a thread like mine into a slamfest.

Some of you Dillon fans are a piece of work, slamming anyone or anybody that has the audacity to use anything other than Dillon.

Yep my wife hates me. In her constant mission to make my life miserable, she buys me Lee equipment. How dare she.

I punch a time clock for a living. I do not have thousands of dollars to throw at this sport. I do the best I can with what I have. One of the reasons I left IPSC in 2000 was because I was sick of the "haves" slamming the precieved "have nots" because the poor folks didn't have the right trendy gear.

Constantly telling the "have nots" that their gear is inferior is a great way to introduce people to YOUR sport and keep them coming back.

My bench has a lot of red on it. Unless I win the lottery it's going to stay that way.

This is my opinion. Your opinion may vary, especially if you like Dillon gear.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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