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Airsoft Recommendations

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I'd love to have a good-quality airsoft I can use for practice. I have one of the WA "SV" limited guns, but since I primarily shoot Open I would love to have one that feels (and indexes) like my Open gun. In particular, if possible, I'd like one that

-- I can either put a Shanahan-stippled grip onto, or that I can stipple to feel the same

-- I can put a [spare] C-more onto

-- if possible, same overall length and general feel of my Open gun

-- good quality, reliable, "not a toy".

I have seen a number of posts about people customizing airsoft guns and all the cool parts and gizmos you can get. Not really looking for another hobby, just something I can buy off the shelf, of good quality.

Any hints?


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Are those in dollars or pesos? :blink:

That is exactly what my first thought was ... Pesos ... until I saw the $$$$.

Check this out ... http://www.protechco.com/airsoft/ and look at the very bottom gun. This is Manny Bragg's website. It is supposedly a replica of an old style STI Hybricomp gun with the original Dawson Comp. A buddy had one of them (not sure it was the exact same manufacturer) and it had the proper weight and feel of the real gun. In any case, it is a LOT cheaper than those above!


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