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Benelli Modifications

Dan Sierpina

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Some modify the load gate to avoid the "Benelli thumb."

My M1S90 is completely stock and runs like a top. I rarely clean it. I do plan to send it to Benny to get the stock shortened about an inch though.

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Before I get the "Call Benny" replies, I'd like to know what are the most common modifications being done to Benelli's. I know about the lightened bolt, of course a mag extension, but not much others.

It's an M2 field that's on order.

Here is what I did to mine.....

1. Mod the Carrier (no more benelli thumb)

2. Take .5lbs off the bolt...still using the stock recoil spring.

3. Throat out (ramp it) the mag entrance.

4. Take off all the sharp edges of the lower side of the receiver, for loading.

5. 8 shot tube (running a choked 18.5inch barrel with ghost rings).

6. Trigger job.

7. Installed a lighter weight charging handle.

8. Installed oversize bolt release.

It runs like a screaming ape. I just like messing with stuff like this......

Good Luck

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Merlin's attached photo shows ya whacha need...

tactical charging handle

oversized bolt release button

side saddle

oversized saftey button

trigger job

better (longer) fiberoptic front sight

cut to the length you like and rechoke

an extension tube with a GOOD barrel band

flare the shell opening so you don't bleed (as much)

lighten the bolt

some grip tape

have the shot gun fitted to you with the shims that it comes with

That is what I know of...

Ps: seriously, call Benny.

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