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Pinacle Magwell And S773?


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I was browsing through the web, and found the Pinacle magwell, the looks is like the SV!!! Yeehhaa! i'm damn too cheap for a SV :( But my question is the Pinacle magwell gonna fit nicely with a STI Trojan? :P The Philippines(where i live) is halfway round da world, and i don't want to order something that might "not fit", "not look good" or "just SUCKS" :wacko:

So any shooter here have any experience with the Pinacle magwell for 1911??

And what do shooters prefer to use on the Safari mag pouch?? the 771 or the 773?? i like the Carbon Fiber 773 look :P what do you guys think. using McCormick(as soon as i find one) :(

Is this a wise choice, ordern 6 or 7(that 100+ dollars)? I can't make mistakes with that kind of money :(

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