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Michigan Steel (formerly October Steel)

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Sunday, October 1st 2006

8 fun & challenging stages

Match is now being held September 30th, at the Livingston Gun Club.

This match is a combination of steel challenge type stand and shoot, and stages that will involve some movement. Competitors run each stage 5 times and each attempt will require anywhere from 5 to 10 rounds to complete. The match is 249 rounds with 37 on the clock draws! Any gun that holds a minimum of 10 rounds will be competitive.

This match will be great practice for shooters heading to Open/Production Nationals. Shoot our steel match, Ohio Sectional, and then down to Nats!

First shoot through is $20. Re-shoot for $10.

Registration will be open from 9am to 2pm, with the match ending by 4pm. We will run shooters as they show up. Anticipate the match taking less than 1.5 hours to complete, so you have plenty of time to run through in a different division, or with the same gun.

Check the attachment for additional information on Divisions, Rules and for the Stage Diagrams.

[edit to reflect change in match location (see post below)]

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