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Rex Scope 1.25-4 Illuminated Scope For $134


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I saw one of these scopes in a budys gun shop... looks just like the schmit and bender, even the same reticle... It was under $200 and looked to be built pretty darn well... I am thinking about getting one for my 10/22 since it will be similar to the Meopta that I will be putting on my AR... has any one tried one?

I have talked to these guys at Rex in person, they are based in houston. they came into my shop like a year and a half ago... they seem to steal everyones ideas, and make them in china or hong kong (not really sure) but when they came in, they did not have this scope, but had an EXACT ripoff of a trijicon TA11 for $250, but said they could not sell it in the US because of infringement. Anyways, I bought some stuff from them, and it all sold (and none came back)...

I also talked to my buddy at the other gun shop, and he said that they tried the scope on a 458 Lott, to see if it would hold up, because they were thinking about using them for an African safari they were going on... They said on the 16th shot, the reticle broke loose, they sent it back, and Rex sent them a new one. Then they mounted some Swarovskis, and left for Africa

I am thinking that if this thing will hold up to 15 rounds on a 458Lott, then it will hold up for 150,000 on a 22lr.

Any thoughts, or experience with the scope?

Rex Optics

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Here's a link for you:


Why do you support folks who are simply ripoffs?

Sending scope specs off to China and having CRAP built takes away from the folks who did the hard work to develop the product in the first place.

I can understand the motivation to save some money, however find a LEGITIMATE product in your price range instead of feeding these types of businesses.

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I have heard of China doing that crap, and not letting American companies register there own name and then shafting that company after some government offical takes the trademark in china, just to squeeze out some money from a US company... thats the kinda crap that makes you want to embargo.

But on the other hand, if Rex Optics have sufficiently changed the product from the original design, and are legally selling the optics in the US with no patent infrigements, then god bless free market capitalisim... The scope looks to be similar to the $1800 Schmit and Bender, but only cost $134, and i am sure you will only get what you pay for.

Something I have noticed: There seems to be VERY few innovators in the gun business... everyone just copies everyone else <_<

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Sound from your description that they didn't quite change the Trijicon copy enough.

I wasn't trying to start a pissing match but there are companies like Mueller optics who try to build a good scope to spec at a certain price point, but they do it without blatantly copying a design. In looking at these Rex Optics products they have just made copies of several popular tactical scopes.

I would rather put one of the Simmon Pro Diamonds on than the ones off that web page.

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No pissing match... we are all on the same team here :)

I don't know what it is Trijicon has pateneted or trademarked, but it seems like no else can make a similar scope... I wonder if they trademarked the look of the scope... from what I understand you can trademark a visual design aspect and it is much easier to defend than a technical design patent. I think you only have to change a design by 10% or so to make it not a patent infringement... but if the 'look' of the scope is trademarked, then anything that looks like your product is an infringement, even if it functions totally different..

interesting note: Rolex has the 'Look' of their watch trademarked, not patented, trademarks don't expire like patents, so they can defend against Folex's forever.

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