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Dads Hand Me Downs


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I think a couple of you guys can appreciate these oldies my dad left me.

this one is my Dads old Ithaca 1911 he had when he was in the army. It was the first .45 I ever shot. I thought this thing was the biggest baddest gun in the world at the time.


Next is his Colt SAA 45 Colt. It is a 1st gen gun and was made in 1899. One day I will get the Colt historical dept. to give me the letter with the history of the gun. Dad was a quick draw artist in the late 50's and this was his pistol. I remember being a kid watching him quick draw (unloaded of course!) in the living room while we listened to his old Marty Robbins albums on the console hi-fi stereo.


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