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What Type Of Focus Do You Use When Shooting An Ipsc Target?


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This should be a great topic. I recently switch from shooting Limited to shooting open and I've noticed I see a lot more when shooting open. While shooting today I noticed that I'm able to actually see the perf in the A-Zone while I was shooting. When shooting limited I've always had a center point at which I aim but now shooting open I can actually see the perf. This will obviously change depending on distance and difficulty obviously. So it got me thinking what other people see or what they try to see that is an acceptable target before pulling the trigger.

Keep it at the most average distance of around 30 feet or so and a pretty stright forward shot. Do you have a simple aiming point on the target or do you visually see the perf of the A-Zone? Also, when answering please include if you are shooting an open gun or a limited gun. I'm guessing it would be quicker to have a centralized area on the target than actually seeing the perf but if you could train your eyes to focusing in on the perf that would be a major bonus.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this?

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