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Mpsa At Thurmont, Maryland, Sunday, August 20.


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Email <torags@cris.com> for the Sunday 9 AM slot. There will be the usual 4 stages plus a classifier.

Include in Email the following

full name

USPSA # and expiration date

division (open, limited, limited10, production, revolver, Single Stack)

class (new, unclassified, D, C, B, A, M, GM)

power factor (Major/minor)

email address

evening/weekend phone number

squadding requests

relay (Sat setup, Sunday 9, Sunday 12:30)

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Patrick and I both want to go but their website is down. I'm trying to find the range now. I'll let you know if I can find directions, if so, I will be there.


Try <http://www.tcandsc.org/tcscDirections.htm>

Bob, I receive their auto E-Mails and sent a request to be squadded with any other Revolver shooters on the Sunday AM early shift. I know that "Hog Sniper" has tried to register as well. Can't get through via E-Mail, phone, or site. Anyway the two of us want to come down. We are in limbo and will wait 'till we here from someone.


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Bill did say we would not hear from him until Monday the 14 (after the Section match).

Guess he is on vacation.

Thank you Bob !

When the occasion arises at Thurmont, do they use "Perdue" chickens?


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