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Uniquetek Micrometer


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Recently received my Uniquetek powder micrometer, and I've got to comment on 1. how cooperative and helpful Lee Love from UniqueTek was, and 2. what an excellent product this is.

After first fighting with the dillon bolt on my 550B, I went to the MrDial knob which I'd been using the past four years or so. While an improvement on the bolt, it still left a lot to be desired, but at the time I was just shooting one caliber and was not doing a whole lot of experimenting with loads, etc.

But as I went to try new set-ups, I found the simple knob to no longer be optimal for my use. Stumbled upon a reference here on the forum for uniquetek, took a look and liked what I saw. Decided to give them a call, asked some questions, and a few days ago, got my new toy in the mail.

Aside from a stupid mistake on my part which cost me a day(rectified with a hot air gun), install was easy. The ease in calibrating it, and plugging data into the the calibration chart which was sent to me by Lee, has life a lot nicer. No more guessing on how many turns to bump to a different charge. With enough data points, you get a very accurate gauge as to what the setting should be. Jump to it, tweak a touch to get it exact.

Now as I go to experiment with different bullet weights, I can easily dial to the setting the chart gives me, toss some charges into a case, do the measuring to see how it is, then go reload.

Give them a try, or give Lee a call. Lot's of other neat items they carry as well.


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Should be! Your post on the product finalized it for me....

:D heh heh... glad I wasn't untruthful, then... ;)

I also have one and love it. An excellent addition to my Dillon.

ps For the folks that don't have Excel, download Open Office free and use it. It's compatible with Excel.


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