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Richard W Carroll


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Richard W Carroll passed away this morning (08/06/06) at 3:30 am.

I am blessed to have shared in his life. He gave freely of his time and asked for nothing in return.

He is an Air Force veteran. He was a member of the Hutton township Fire Dept. He is also a member of the Lee family, he is known as Faithful-Lee. He supported 4-H programs, USPSA, 1911 SSC, WVPPS, and PASA Park.

Share a story about Rich, if you have one.

Tony Hawkins

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A few years ago, I smacked a fence post at PASA park in my brother's truck. While several of my Lee brethren thought it was hilariously funny, Rich didn't even go look at it. Later, when there was nobody around, I saw him taking a look at the front bumper, kind of smiling to himself. He never ragged me about it, but I could see the laughter in his eyes each time he'd see that truck. Last year, he was working parking at the Nationals, and when I pulled up the first day, Rich lowered the rope for me, then quietly said, "Watch out for that post". Typical Rich.

I'm going to miss him. He was always there, working hard, never complaining; he was a good friend, too.

Godspeed, Rich.


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I have known and shot with Rich over the years at Deer Creek in Marion and at the club in Riley as well as many Nationals. Rich was always a joy to be around and fun to shoot with. Eventhough I have not had the pleasure to shoot with Rich recently I will always have fond memories of the Mudfest Area 5 at Deer Creek and the help he provided.

John Alley

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