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Wanted To Buy Holster


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So far I know exactly what type of holsters I do not like. I have an XD45 in the 5inch tactical. Shoot in Limited 10 at some Local steel matches. Would like to find one rig to use and stay with. I've tried the stock Springfield FBI cant, Fobus and Uncle Mikes Kydex. None of those wer right except the tactical uncle mikes rig with tie down but can't use that in USPSA.

I bought a Hogue Power Speed thinking with it's adjustability it would be perfect. Not for the XD. It would be hard to design a firearm that would not work with the Hogue rig. Springfield did it.

I purchased some Safari Land speed mag pouches that I like very much. (Thanks Brian)

NOW for the question. I need a good speed rig for the XD45. Something I can stay with and continue to get better. Looking for links or information for rigs that specifically work with the XD45.

Thanks in advance.


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CR Speed. nuff said.

I finally took the plunge and ordered a CR speed rig from one of the suppliers who support this forum. Even then apparently the XD 45 is a new style holster and not everyone stocks them.

I really like the XD 45 but it has been difficult to find some accessories for. I ordered a Kydex holsters as well but lead time is Very long.

I wish I'd have started out with a CR speed rig. Could have saved a lot of time, trouble and money. Anyone one reading this in the future might consider that as part of their gear search.

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