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My New Rifle


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I picked up my new rifle this past week. The rifle was built by GA Precision.

260 REM

Rock 5R Barrel

Badger Bolt Knob

Badger 20 MOA scope mount

Badger DBM

McMillian A5 stock

USO SN-3 3.2 X 17 Scope





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Sweet man! How's the Badger BDM? Do you think it will be good enough on the Rem 700P stock? I am thinking of an AICS, but it looks like the Badger is a lot cheaper alternative and I can just keep the factory H-S Precision stock it came with. TIA.

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Is that one of the Canadian SN-3's?

Yes it is. I am planning on getting a BDC for M118LR. I have already talk to USO and they are going to send me one.

As for the Badger DBM, this is the second one I get on a rifle. The other one is on a McMillian A4 stock. I like it.

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