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Where On Your Finger Do You Push The Trigger.

Grandfather Glock

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On the distal phalynx (DP) of your index finger?

--If so proximal third, middle, or distal third?

In the joint (DIP) between the promximal phalynx (PP) and distal phalynx?

I'm going to try moving from the distal third to the proximal third of my DP. Given my big, long fingers, I think that feels better to me, and creates slightly less FS movement (none) on dry firing.

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Haven't taken anatomy yet, but I use the tip of the index finger. Not the very end but just opposite from the tip of my fingernail. Only way I can keep from brushing the frame.

Feels a lot better with the safety trigger blended back to match the main trigger. I think this is legal in Open/LTD but not in Production.

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The tip, keep that trigger finger OFF the frame.

Same here. Straight behind the finger nail.... number 1 pad..... index finger..... Whatever that's called :huh::wacko::blink:

Straight back. Don't milk it. That can throw your shots to 7 o'clock.

Todd Jarett's clip on trigger technic, and control


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