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Ruger Mkii Gov't Model


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Even with a clean action, this pistol is jamming way too much now. Maybe three jams or more in a 7 stage Steel Challenge match.

They are always the same. The bullet is halfway in the chamber, and bent so bad that you can't chamber it. The spent case of the previous round is ususally wedged on top, or somewhere near the bent bullet cartridge.

I know how to take this pistol down to the bare frame. Please tell me what it could be. Since it fails with all magazines, I've ruled that out. And the cheap Federal bulk pack used to go thousands of rounds without a jam.

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Recoil springs changed out yet? Give it a complete cleaning yet? I mean complete!

My MkII started jamming after I tried some raptor (HOT) ammo that gunked up the barrel throat. You need a real live barrel rod and brass brush to get the throat clean. The bore usually does not get dirty, but the throat does.

The other thing that causes jams is lousy ammo, and there is tons of bad .22 ammo around.

You just don't get quality on something they sell at 500/8.99........


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