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Precision Bullets In A Glock?


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I would like to know if you can shoot the Precision bullets through a glock without problems. I am not so concerned with the 9mm, but want to know who here is using the Precisions 40's, namely the 180gr., through a stock glock barrel.

I have heard good things about the bullets and want to know if a aftermarket barrel is really necessary. The Precision website has testimonials of guys shooting them through glocks.

Your posts are greatly appreaciated.



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New guy here.

I tried shooting Precision 9mm bullets through my 34. They shot GREAT, but I noticed a build-up of, should I say plastic/polymere, in the barrel.

The stuff wouldn't come out when using a bronze brush or Hoppes. I ended up using a circular cut green scratch pad on a push-tip... but it was definately there...and tough to get out.

I wrote the manufacturer and asked them if they had identified the same thing, in Glocks, and whether in their opinion this would raise chamber pressures and possibly cause a problem.

..they didn't respond and I stopped using the bullets.

I know there are quite a few guys running precision bullets in their Glocks,..and as I said, they shot great. I just stopped using them after I noted the build-up as I didn't want to get hurt or ruin my gun.


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