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Setting A Goal...........and Achieving It


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I set a goal two months ago to place in the top 5 at the Carolina Tactical Invitational in Oxford NC. I laid out a practice plan and stuck with it. Finally, last weekend I shot the match. As a safety officer, I shot on Thursday and Friday. Felt I shot well but really didn't have any real idea what the top dogs would do. After the smoke cleared Sunday, I was 3rd! Didn't win any stages but was consistently in the top 5. No procedurals or no-shoots at all. It really feels good to have your work pay off. I felt like I busted my butt in preparation for this match and I know I surprised some other shooters. With the IDPA nats coming up, I am feeling very positive and focused. Laying out my plan this week for that match and looking forward to getting after it.

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