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Zig Zag Setup Diagram


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Hey Matt,

That's the second invite I've gotten to head up that way. Just might have to do it. :)

Thanks everyone for the help on the stage! It's just huge.

For a twist next week, I think I'm going to have one SC stage shot with movement, and another set up where you shoot around a barricade. Wish y'all were here. :)

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due to standing water/mud in one bay this stage was setuo vice Showdown in the match I shot Saturday. never seen or shot it before walking up on the stage ....

shot it in 8.84 secs .... took me 2 runs to figure out what I was doing so I had to eat a 2.81 sec run besides my 2.03, 1.9 and 2.01 sec runs .... lol

fun little stage ... I'm sure the real shooters do it in under 7 secs ....

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