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Birthdays--6 Of Them


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Happy Birthday to all 6 of you. And especially to Patrick Sweeney. It's not everyday that I get to wish happy birthday to an author who has published books that I actually bought and read.

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Happy Birthday to all -- especially Jack Suber. Jack has volunteered to be the Match Director for next years' South Carolina Section Match. . .I was going to say he was young & foolish, but I guess just foolish :rolleyes:

Linda Chico (L-2035)

Columbia SC

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A mi hermano Jack,

¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! Reciba un abrazo fraternal de mi y mis niños.



Happy birthday Dr. Sweeney!


I'm with Lucca, number 3 is awesome. Now we have to convince Patrick to use it.

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Thanks everybody. This one was a big one - 40. Ouch! Now at least my age caught up with all of the grey hair.

My mind must already be deteriorating because like Linda said, I "volunteered" to be the Match Director at our Sectional Match in April 2007. What was I thinking? Must be dementia setting in. Of course, the Best will be guiding me and showing me what needs to be done.


Muchas gracias. I hope things are well with you and your family. Tell the boys hello.

BTW, John will shoot his first match with an Open gun Saturday.....I could not keep him from the dark side....the force was too strong in him.

Again, Thanks everyone.

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